Date: October 23, 2021

Why Design Is Critical To Your Digital Plans

Till a few years back, digital design was seen from the realm of technology. The best designers/artists would focus their creativity on other mediums rather than on digital. However, as brands have sharpened focus on the Internet, the importance of quality creative has become 

Here are four reasons why design is crucial to your digital presence:

  1. Getting the attention: An average user in the United States spends more than 6 hours online everyday, constantly bombarded with videos and images. It, therefore, becomes difficult to grab his attention. Whether it is a power presentation, an infographic, digital banner or even your website, whether you are able to catch your audiences’ attention is the most critical aspect. Most marketers understand that design has a huge impact in grabbing the customer’s attention online. 
  2. Strengthen your brand visual identity: More and more brands are being built on digital. It is not just for online-only brands but the fact that consumers are spending bulk of their time online. Therefore, global brands such as Nike and Coca Cola do a large chunk of their spends online. Graphic designing, therefore, is extremely important when you want to create a differentiated brand image and create a visual identity which is differentiated from competition. 
  3. Help communicate the right message: Digital allows you to turn into a story teller. This means that you can use images and videos to convey your message. The fact that you can be as precise or stretch your communication is totally a factor of how powerful is your message. A good designer can turn your message into infographics, newsletters, charts or illustration to get the point across. 
  4. Build trust for your brand: A user who navigates your website or sees your display banner is forming an impression about the brand. A poor design or a design which is not optimised for mobile or tablet will leave a bad impression. Worst it will be less likely that the user would trust your brand. Conversely a quality creative will mean that user is more likely to click and remember our brand and will more importantly build trust for your brand.