Date: October 23, 2021

5 Tips to Make a Great PowerPoint Presentation

Did you know that 35 million PowerPoint presentations are given every day? Chances are that whether you are running your business or part of a corporate team, PowerPoint presentation is part of your daily life.

PowerPoint are critical to our work life. A well-made presentation can have a significant impact and help you swing the big contract or the next promotion.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your next presentation:

1. Be at the centre: Many a times, we tend to make the PowerPoint the hero of our effort. Keep in mind that your message and how well you deliver it is the key to a successful presentation. PowerPoint is a good aide but you need to be prepared with the points and connect with the audience. Leverage the PowerPoint presentation only to make your point stronger.

2. Keep it simple: We tend to overfill our slides as the general belief is that a text heavy slide is able to convey more. Make sure you present only the necessary information and keep your slides clutter free. Its ok to have white space so don’t try and to fill up your slides.

3. Using a template: Templates are great if you are short on time and need to finish your work quickly. However, using a template may mean that you are compromising your thoughts to fit into a ready-made mould. It’s better to take help of a specialised agency like DG Brew and create your own distinct look. Do ensure that you are consistent throughout the presentation with the visual theme that you chose.

4. Less text, more graphics: Keep in mind that audience will tend to skim over a text heavy slide and jut read the headlines. Using paragraphs’ or full quotations is not a good idea. Bullet points and pithy text is preferable to full sentences. For better user experience limit to 4-6 points.

5. Pasting a graphic: Many a times, we cut a graphic or a table and paste it in the presentation. This can effectively kill the point you are making. Make sure that the presentation has graphics or tables that are made specially for the presentation. Also, keep in mind including ensuring usage of few colours, consistency in bullet style, fonts and colour and optimal number of slides. All the best and always make sure that you have backup of your presentation on a pen drive!